Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hey Bill, you only sell snapbacks caps and jersey? can i get the shoes from you?

haha, yes, of course, i can get all kinds brand shoes and i indeed have a big client in indonesia order many shoes per week. but he in charge the shipping, i just need ship shoes to his guangzhou shipping agent. it is esay and better for me, because i don't need think about the custom suck problem. any one who like this way for shipping, please contact me 

but i like selling hats more than shoes, shoes is high profit but too many style, you need spent a lots time to study, for example, air joran shoes, the replica shoes have 3 editon at market,  A quality, AA quality or super A, AAA quality or 1:1, price is big differnt, from usd 45- usd 190. all have people needed,  many seller in china claim the aaa shoes or 1:1 shoes is original or authentic shoes. really good profit margin~````````` one shoes they sell = 100 pcs hats i sell.

also, the shoes have a size problem, most shoes only have size 40-44 for man, 36-39 for women, a lots time i face a women want size 40 shoes but the style only man have. what a pity~~~`

Anyway, shoes is a much profitable biz than wholesale NBA snapbacks, wholesale MLB snapbacks, wholeslae NFL snapbacks,wholesale New Era snapbacks, wholesale all brand hiphop hats. but you need learn more information than hats, it is a deep water biz.

here is the my shoes links, you can have a look


http://v.yupoo.com/photos/fj23duxw/albums/       all kinds jordan from A-AAA
http://huate67898.v.yupoo.com                    nike shoes
http://huajiatemaoyi.v.yupoo.com/                adidas shoes
http://v.yupoo.com/photos/fenghuangmaoyi/albums/ new balance shoes

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