Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Why chinese supplier don't accept paypal, Especially the replicas seller?

This is a important question and FAQ by new buyer who just order from china

paypal indeed a easy way to send money and can protect the buyer's money, but he is not allowing for doing Wholesale new era hatswholesale NBA jersey, replica shoes,anything about brand products, you may think it is not a big problem, you don't tell paypal what you order is enough~````` haha, if paypal will keep a bliand eyes on this, that will be a godbless. the fact is paypal gone much far than this

Paypal in china use entrapment to get money. the following information will show how paypal get money from me before

when i read the new mail from new protential buyers, i am happy. i feel the hope, lol, but this is a trap. after i give the email address. then at the second day, my paypal was suspended. at before i can wait 180 days to get the money released, but since 2013, paypal act like a Mafia, more and more chinese seller into the trap

i got a email from paypal like this

what will happen at next?  you can imagaine, all money gone~``````i want cry, this money i need work long time to get. during that time, i called paypal china office, they asked me i need come to USA court to ask money back, hire lawer, the tickets to USA, the fee for lawer already over the money at the paypal. if you were me, are you going to USA?  there are few rich factory come to USA and hire lawer, they get 10% money back.

so maybe you can use paypal before, like before 2014, after this event, all chinese seller don't accept paypal as payment method. at baidu, the china biggest seraching engine company, this is a famous entrapment.

after money gone, i got another email,and i ask she eat shit.

most the buyer is chinese people who study in USA and use the Legal loopholes, many seller lose money, the biggest amout i know is over usd 30000, all company closed down due to paypal take money and they don't have cash.

if you old supplier before can use paypal after that don't accept, please understand him/her. they just don't want lose money

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