Tuesday, February 21, 2017

why i don't sell at alibaba or dhgate?

Alibaba is the no 1 b2b website in the world. and aliexpress belong to it, there are a lots seller who sell snapabcksandjersey , i used have a shop there, and very good biz, a lots order~```````` but at 2010, alibaba closed my shop for i sell replica hats and cheap nba jersey my biz is much less than before, i try open a new shop and closed soon. total lose over usd 3000 for me

Alibaba now is Giant, Jack Ma now is the richest man in China, he won't allow anyone sell any fake products at his website, you can imagine it, if you are rich enough, do you want hearing this saying: alibaba is only selling knock-off products!!!you must have this experiecne a shop at aliexpress which sell replica hats, replica jersey, replica shoes, fast shipping and good quailty, but when you want visit it again, the shop closed!!!

now, i have to use google blogger, pinterst, youtube,facebook etc sns platform to sell my products, this is the reason why you can see this page~``````

so, don't think i am not honest man, i am honest and trust seller, but the policy don't allow me sell there, dhgate is the same reason.

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