Monday, February 27, 2017

why my chinese supplier give me a website without domain name?especially the replica factory

Have you have such experience, when you ask your chinese seller, most the replica belts, brand tshirts wholesaler, replica watches factory will give you a link like following way     this link is for belts, you can open it without any problem    all brand tshirts, shoes, scarf etc products   all kinds brand watch, jerwerlly.  this links before called qiqifashion, it is a big and famous replica factory which live in guanzhou, it is changed the domin name for old name no longer working and its change to aslo die, too famous to live

so all these famous brand replica factory only use website without domin name

for me, i have the same problem, before i have 2 website and both is short life

one is, one is, so i use the yupoo album to show the products if you want wholesale cheap hats, wholesale brand snapbacks, wholesale nba jersey, wholesale good quality jersey from china, you need contact me. my email is

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