Saturday, March 25, 2017

where can buy the cayler&sons caps online?

where can buy the cayler&sons caps online?

About Cayler & Sons

Established in 2012, Cayler & Sons has quickly become a key player in premium headwear, expanding into men's casual streetwear apparel. Fresh and striking graphics combine with timeless shapes and contemporary aesthetic details for pure urban style.
With an elite collection of caps, beanies and bucket hats, you can always finish off your look with top Cayler & Sons style. Premium quality and innovative graphics with a shot of humour 

Where can buy the Cayler & Sons snapbacks? is your best choice for all kinds Cayler & Sons products, like Cayler & Sons snapbacksCayler & Sons curved capsCayler & Sons buckets, Cayler & Sons bags.

you have more than 600 style hats can choose and this website offer freeshipping to all over the world.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Review the Cayler & Sons snapback hats the 2017 hottest snapbacks

cayler&sons caps, cayler&sons snapbacks, cayler&sons curved caps. cayler&sons buckets caps. you can get all kinds of cayler&sons caps at  or

Review the Yums snapbacks,ship all over the world by DHL

Snapbacks and jersey company introduction,where to buy the snapbacks and...

people live the sunbath, as well as the snapbacks, welcome order from me, we have factory connection, all brand snapbacks and jersey can order from me

Monday, March 13, 2017

Review the DC super hero comic snapback hats

Review the Vintage NFL snapbacks and NBA snapbacks

Review the Soccer jersey uniform only usd 17pcs each for thailand edition

Review the NHL jersey and only usd 30

Review the new era pom pom beanies, NBA beanies, NFL beanies

new era beanies, mitchellness beanies,all kinds beanies is at, welcome come to my album to see different style

Review The NBA Jersey,Best quality and only usd 17pcs with wholesale price

Review the NBA Cleveland Cavalier Snapbacks, Wholesale Cheap NBA Snapbac...

Review The MLB Jersey Good quality and cheap price only usd 20 WMV

Review the MLB Fitted Hats ,Review New Era 59Fifty Fitted Hats,cheapest ...

Review the NBA chicago bulls snapbacks, crazy bulls hats, windy city hats.

Review the mitchell ness nba snapback VS new era NBA snapback chicago ...

Review Mexico Team 59Fifty Hats and Mexico Snapbacks

black mexico snapbacks

2017 new arrived mexico fitted hats

black and red brim mexico fitted hats

black mexico fitted hats

grey color mexico fitted hats

black and red logo mexico fitted caps

green color and red brim mexico fitted caps

green color and red brim mexico snapbacks

Thursday, March 9, 2017

All brand sunglasses links at yupoo

all these links i checked can open and visit, if you want check them all, need take 30 mins at least, if you feel my job is good, please email me at   VR SUNGLASSES NO FAKE  chinese own brand sunglasses  all brand sunglasses  all brand sunglasses  SPY

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The different shipping way for wholesale or retail hats or jersey and shoes

Hey guys, today i will write something about the shipping issue. it is important but usually ignored buy clients, they usually first focus on the price, then the style, then payment method, the finally thing is the shipping 

1. EMS : EMS is an international postal Express Mail Service, for documents and merchandise, offered by postal operators of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). The UPU is an inter-governmental organization and the primary forum for cooperation between governments, Posts and other stakeholders of the worldwide postal sector.  all packages send by EMS you can tracing at or

i usually use this ship big number of hats , jersey and shoes, the biggest advantage of EMS is when the package sucked at custom, the clients won't get any mail or call from custom, all replica hats or shoes will taken by custom. it is very important for some clients who care this

2. E-packages or EUB  The E-commerce express service includes ePacket and e-EMS. ePacket also calledEUB or e Youbao (e邮宝) is an economical, convenient and fast courier service mainly for parcels under the weight of 2kg. It is an exclusive shipping service for eBay customer only.   

i usually use this ship 1-2 shoes, 15 pcs hats, 8 pcs jersey per package

3.  DHL  International shipping, courier, and packaging service. DHL was established in 1969 by Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn. The name DHL is derived from the first initial of each founder's last name.

DHL give me discount at over 21kg ( 180 pcs hats or above), so i can give very low and competitive price,like usd 4.5/pcs for 1000 pcs hats, or 4.99/pcs for 500 pcs hats wholesale price. but unlike EMS, when the package sucked at the custom, the buyer will received call or mail for DHL office, said the products is fake and everything destoried, this really scared some of my old clients and a lots of them won't buy again due to this and some buyer only ask me send by EMS not matter if higher price
send by EMS



Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I am a new seller at caps. can you help me?

I have many emails or text from phone ask the same question. Bill, i am new at selling caps or snapbacks, can you help me? or can you give me some advice?

 replica caps is one of the hot selling products, also the replica jersey, replica shoes that why i doing this biz and now is 9 years~``` and i really like snapbacks, why? this kind hats don't have size problem, one style can fit all people, so less stock at hand, before i ordered a lots MLB fitted hats, many size like 7 or 758 can't sell~```` finally each hats i sell usd 1/pcs to people who order stock hats.

a lots clients now age is smaller than me, they just from school or still at school, they want earn the some money to living better, i understand this feeling, when i am a student at school, i never feel the money is enough~````lol,  dating girl, eating, attend the party, cellphone feel, gas oil fee, credit card bill~``````

my suggestion for new snapbacks and caps buyer is here

you can open a online shop at facebook or instgram, pinintest, or you have computer skill you can do a online website. the hats i sell you at 4.5-9 dollar ( depend on the number and where you live), you can easlier resell them at usd 15-20, remember, please cheaper than offical shops, that why people come to you

the process called Pre-order, the advantage is you don't pay anything, the distanage is people don't like buy from you because they think you are small

some clients have real shop at their country and they feel pround to share my some pics of there shop, most of these shop is not big, just like a showcase can let clients know where to buy caps and they put all hats pics at their website like FB, google and yahoo, so clients can choose style them. then they place order from me~``````after i got their order, i ship by EMS or DHL, just 5-8 days be their hand.

you can sell at car!!! no need any shop!!!

so my conclusion for new buyers, order some samples and no need big number, 20-30 pcs is ok, like all nba team hats,all MLB hats, all NFL team hats, all kinds hiphop brand caps, or mixed all of them, so you can show your potential customer and it can help you earn more trust.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Why China factory would rather do high imitation new era caps. mitchellnes hats ,do not make own brand caps?

China has a mature caps-making technology, why do they still choose to do fake new era caps or replica mitchellnes snapbacks etc brand hats instead of develop their own brands shoes?

workers are making caps

the hats almost ok, you can see tiny new era logo

the hats is shaping

the caps factory
A. Repica hats has a high advantage is no need the design and development fee, no need branding and operating costs, lower than the genuine and higher than the price of brand caps, substantial profits, this business is almost sure not to lose. the smallest hats factory as far as i know only 10 people from one family and make 500 pcs hats per day.

B.  But if you do your brand caps, it is so diffrent. china produce all kinds hats for many years, but it lack of brand building experience. The cost of building brands, it need to invest too much money for small and medium-sized caps factory. so make replica new era caps for The factory is more simple, ready-made design concept, style, a brand of corporate propaganda, it is only responsible for the production and quality assurance can be done out of the brand is a caps company pay. Throughout the history of the world famous, are basically after decades of birth, non-ten years of work. Not to mention the promotion of sales issues, the new era hats spent millons of dollar per year at MLB game, just when the introduction of tidal goods, not won the patent, the cottage may have been in the mainland. Cottage flying in the country, the growth of independent brands difficult.

C. Wine is also afraid of the deep street.

Many people believe that the wine is not afraid of the deep street, do a good caps do not worry about build the brand? Not really. The production of high imitation caps only need super ability to imitate, and the creation of the brand you need differentiated innovation and operational strategy. This problem is not only existing in caps industrial, or all industrials in china need to thinking and solving problems. The next decade, labor costs continue to rise, the manufacturing will need to innovation breakthrough.
Do you have any ideas for this problem? welcome email me at

Sunday, March 5, 2017

copy new era caps 4.5 usd, original new era caps 30 usd, What is your choice?

As you know, as a hats and jersey seller, i sell online for 9 years,  usd 4.5/pcs is the price i gave for big order like 1000 pcs hats. see the youtube channle


How the warehouse workers prepare hats or beanies for delivery?

if you order less number, the price will be higher. but at most at usd 10/pcs with shipping fee.

Two pcs new era logo caps,  1 pcs is original new era caps, 1 pcs is fake new era caps, Same style, same color,same size, same design, except the little diffrent with the material, but the price is so diffrent, original new era caps price is about 25 – 35 usd, the fake new era caps price is about 5-8 usd, What is your choice, the original new era caps or fake one?

Here i put some answers from diffrent clients view:

1. The hats is consumables, the fake new era hats quality is little poor, but if use only 20% original new era caps price, why not?
2. The original new era caps quality is better, but price so high, if buy copy new era caps , i can buy 5 pcs, the 5 pcs hats must be wear more long time than original new era caps or mitchellness caps.
3. The fake new era caps or original new era caps all have new era logo, people only notice you wear a new style hats,with big logo for your loved team, loved brand. no one care it is fake or original
4. Neither fake new era caps nor original new era caps , just wear, use little money to wear brand caps, why not.
5. I must buy orginal new era caps. so diffrent wear feeling, the fake new era caps/mitchellness caps make me uncomfortable
6. I am the great hats colletor but no too musch money to buy original new era caps or other hiphop brand hats, so i buy fake caps.
What is your choice? original new era caps and other street brand hats or fake new era hats with good quality?
i would like to hear your comment at

where to get cheap new era hats?

Everybody know new era caps almost the best known caps brand in world, the next maybe mitchellness caps. and every one like to have one or many fashion caps. but as the price, so many people dont want to use high price to buy it, they want to use low price to buy new era caps, so where to get cheap new era hats, where to find cheap new era caps, where can i buy cheap new era caps, where can i find cheap new era caps, where can i get discount new era caps, where can i buy new era cheap, where to buy cheap new era caps online, where can i buy new era caps for cheap, where to buy new era caps online cheap, same as above problem always find online.
As new era wholesaler more than 9 years, i can tell you, there are only 2 ways to get cheap new era caps:
1. Buy from lids, this website is well known, i usually come to check the newest style, it is little cheap, you will buy original new era hats with 60-90% retail new era caps price. but just little cheap. when season changed, the overstock hats will discount
2. Buy replica new era caps, it only use the 20-30% price buy new era caps , but i can tell you, it must be the fake caps, and these new era hats almost maufacturing in dongguang city, guangdong province.China.
so, what is your choice to buy new era caps, new era caps official store or snapback and jersey company ?

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Indonesia buyer please read.(Indonesia pembeli silahkan baca.)

I noticed that the indonesia is a big market when i came to guangzhou, there are a lots jersey shop at zhanxi station, most is the football jersey, the buyers from indonesia place big order, one time 1000-3000 pcs jersey and the price they get even lower than me i get from china. they just add rmb 5-8 and wholesale to other indonesia shop. one day can sell thousands number.

i have some buyers from indonesia wholesale snapbacks and now all ask me ship to guangzhou shipping agent and they will in charge the rest part work. if you want order hats from me, welcome contact me, i have a lots experience sell to indonisa

Saya melihat bahwa Indonesia adalah pasar yang besar ketika saya datang ke Guangzhou, ada toko banyak jersey di stasiun Zhanxi, sebagian adalah jersey sepak bola, pembeli dari Indonesia tempat pesanan besar, satu waktu 1000-3000 pcs jersey dan harga yang mereka mendapatkan bahkan lebih rendah dari saya saya dapatkan dari cina. mereka hanya menambahkan rmb 5-8 dan grosir ke toko lain Indonesia. satu hari bisa menjual nomor ribu.

saya memiliki beberapa pembeli dari Indonesia snapbacks grosir dan sekarang semua meminta saya kapal ke agen pengiriman Guangzhou dan mereka akan bertanggung jawab sisa bagian pekerjaan. jika Anda ingin topi pesanan dari saya, selamat datang hubungi saya, saya memiliki pengalaman banyak menjual ke Indonisa

Friday, March 3, 2017

All yupoo links for different products

Dear clients,beside the wholesale snapbacks and wholesale nba jersey, i also can get the following products, please contact me if you interest of them

Catálogo de zapatos ✔ ↓ ↓ ↓
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