Sunday, March 5, 2017

copy new era caps 4.5 usd, original new era caps 30 usd, What is your choice?

As you know, as a hats and jersey seller, i sell online for 9 years,  usd 4.5/pcs is the price i gave for big order like 1000 pcs hats. see the youtube channle


How the warehouse workers prepare hats or beanies for delivery?

if you order less number, the price will be higher. but at most at usd 10/pcs with shipping fee.

Two pcs new era logo caps,  1 pcs is original new era caps, 1 pcs is fake new era caps, Same style, same color,same size, same design, except the little diffrent with the material, but the price is so diffrent, original new era caps price is about 25 – 35 usd, the fake new era caps price is about 5-8 usd, What is your choice, the original new era caps or fake one?

Here i put some answers from diffrent clients view:

1. The hats is consumables, the fake new era hats quality is little poor, but if use only 20% original new era caps price, why not?
2. The original new era caps quality is better, but price so high, if buy copy new era caps , i can buy 5 pcs, the 5 pcs hats must be wear more long time than original new era caps or mitchellness caps.
3. The fake new era caps or original new era caps all have new era logo, people only notice you wear a new style hats,with big logo for your loved team, loved brand. no one care it is fake or original
4. Neither fake new era caps nor original new era caps , just wear, use little money to wear brand caps, why not.
5. I must buy orginal new era caps. so diffrent wear feeling, the fake new era caps/mitchellness caps make me uncomfortable
6. I am the great hats colletor but no too musch money to buy original new era caps or other hiphop brand hats, so i buy fake caps.
What is your choice? original new era caps and other street brand hats or fake new era hats with good quality?
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