Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I am a new seller at caps. can you help me?

I have many emails or text from phone ask the same question. Bill, i am new at selling caps or snapbacks, can you help me? or can you give me some advice?

 replica caps is one of the hot selling products, also the replica jersey, replica shoes that why i doing this biz and now is 9 years~``` and i really like snapbacks, why? this kind hats don't have size problem, one style can fit all people, so less stock at hand, before i ordered a lots MLB fitted hats, many size like 7 or 758 can't sell~```` finally each hats i sell usd 1/pcs to people who order stock hats.

a lots clients now age is smaller than me, they just from school or still at school, they want earn the some money to living better, i understand this feeling, when i am a student at school, i never feel the money is enough~````lol,  dating girl, eating, attend the party, cellphone feel, gas oil fee, credit card bill~``````

my suggestion for new snapbacks and caps buyer is here

you can open a online shop at facebook or instgram, pinintest, or you have computer skill you can do a online website. the hats i sell you at 4.5-9 dollar ( depend on the number and where you live), you can easlier resell them at usd 15-20, remember, please cheaper than offical shops, that why people come to you

the process called Pre-order, the advantage is you don't pay anything, the distanage is people don't like buy from you because they think you are small

some clients have real shop at their country and they feel pround to share my some pics of there shop, most of these shop is not big, just like a showcase can let clients know where to buy caps and they put all hats pics at their website like FB, google and yahoo, so clients can choose style them. then they place order from me~``````after i got their order, i ship by EMS or DHL, just 5-8 days be their hand.

you can sell at car!!! no need any shop!!!

so my conclusion for new buyers, order some samples and no need big number, 20-30 pcs is ok, like all nba team hats,all MLB hats, all NFL team hats, all kinds hiphop brand caps, or mixed all of them, so you can show your potential customer and it can help you earn more trust.

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