Monday, March 6, 2017

Why China factory would rather do high imitation new era caps. mitchellnes hats ,do not make own brand caps?

China has a mature caps-making technology, why do they still choose to do fake new era caps or replica mitchellnes snapbacks etc brand hats instead of develop their own brands shoes?

workers are making caps

the hats almost ok, you can see tiny new era logo

the hats is shaping

the caps factory
A. Repica hats has a high advantage is no need the design and development fee, no need branding and operating costs, lower than the genuine and higher than the price of brand caps, substantial profits, this business is almost sure not to lose. the smallest hats factory as far as i know only 10 people from one family and make 500 pcs hats per day.

B.  But if you do your brand caps, it is so diffrent. china produce all kinds hats for many years, but it lack of brand building experience. The cost of building brands, it need to invest too much money for small and medium-sized caps factory. so make replica new era caps for The factory is more simple, ready-made design concept, style, a brand of corporate propaganda, it is only responsible for the production and quality assurance can be done out of the brand is a caps company pay. Throughout the history of the world famous, are basically after decades of birth, non-ten years of work. Not to mention the promotion of sales issues, the new era hats spent millons of dollar per year at MLB game, just when the introduction of tidal goods, not won the patent, the cottage may have been in the mainland. Cottage flying in the country, the growth of independent brands difficult.

C. Wine is also afraid of the deep street.

Many people believe that the wine is not afraid of the deep street, do a good caps do not worry about build the brand? Not really. The production of high imitation caps only need super ability to imitate, and the creation of the brand you need differentiated innovation and operational strategy. This problem is not only existing in caps industrial, or all industrials in china need to thinking and solving problems. The next decade, labor costs continue to rise, the manufacturing will need to innovation breakthrough.
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