Friday, March 3, 2017

Why more and more chinese replicas seller use Yupoo?

This question is very similar to but a bit different

here is the answer, the yupoo is the third biggest photo-hosting/sharing sites in China,something like Photobucket and Yahoo-Photos in USA, Yupoo is a Chinese image-based social network, allowing users to upload and arrange digital photos in galleries and collections. A Google search for “Yupoo” demonstrates that a frequent use of the site for Western audiences is sourcing fake goods – with profiles selling counterfeits appearing on the first page of results. It appears that some users, mostly located in China, are using the website to upload catalogues of their fake goods, for which potential buyers can either contact them directly or be linked to legitimate-looking listings on popular online marketplaces.

The yupoo now is get more and more people know, The use of Yupoo by counterfeiters appears to be a recent reaction to more effective anti-counterfeiting measures on online marketplaces; with data on Google Trends confirming that searches for ‘Yupoo’ have risen sharply in the past nine months (with ‘related searches’ including ‘Alibaba’, ‘brand’ and ‘replica’). As one commentator explained on an internet forum: “AliExpress is taking replicas more seriously and removing stores as soon as they find them, [so] sellers are beginning to go towards Yupoo. Basically you get the seller's Yupoo link, find what you want and pay on AliExpress – but get sent what you want. Most of the stuff on Yupoo you won't find on AliExpress because of its strict rules regarding fake brands.” Another added: “If you talk to a [counterfeit] seller and they direct you to their Yupoo, you can tell them what you want and they'll put up a link on AliExpress really quickly for you to pay for it.”

Examples we found cover a wide variety of product categories – including nba jersey, nfl jersey, mlb jersey, football jersey  with counterfeits of most popular brands found easily using the Yupoo search page.

as i said before, i losed many website online and i have to use a more safe way to wholesale replica snapbacks and wholesale replica nba jersey, now yupoo become my choice. 

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