Thursday, October 12, 2017

How to aviod been rip off from scammer from China!!!

It is a sad story, my buyer from Chile who bought me many shoes and hats just been cheated over usd 450 dollar for iphone!!!  he want me help, and i think it is the best way to write a blog to tell how to aviod been cheated by these mother fucker scammers!!!

yeah, you say you can use paypal,but no one in china use it, you say you can use aliexpress or dhgate payment service, but i think there are just about 10% seller would like to use it, not include me, why?  because in a lots case the buyer will open the dispute and the money will back to the bad buyer hand and the packages not return!!! so it is very hard to find a safe way buy from china?  here is my suggestion

1.  replica shoes, caps, jersey, bag and sunglasses etc easy making products is not that danergous, because the competition is so hard, i want every buyer can be my old buyer again, so i think the other replica brand seller is the same idea, these products you can buy wu or money gram

2.  don't touch the electroic!!!, very serious suggestion, i got a lots email help them to get the iphone, etc hot selling products, the scammers use very low price at electronics product, if you pay them at incrediable low price, you must in a trap!!!

3. try ask your chinese friend or seller who you bought before to help you call the new buyer who sell iphone or other electorics.  i told my Chile buyer before i don't have them, and he buy from others but not ask me for double check, he have successful experience with me and he think all chinese seller is good, that is absoultely wrong!!!  china is big country and a lots people from poor area, they only want money and don't care the law or good heart~`````````

i hope more and more people can know this and hope everyone enjoy buy from china.

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