Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Do you know where can get the original supreme ? ask Og Ma for help

Og Ma is famous in NY city for she can help clients get the newest and hottest  supreme product, her have a shop named :Unique Hype Collection, her son get the product and she in charge sell them.

as a replica seller, i knew superme since 2010, not very long history brand, it is just started at 1994 by James Jebbia from UK, now supreme is become super hot, you can see it is brand in luxury brand LV, NIKE, ETC brand. 

here is the pics show how big influence she have 

her biz is super successful now, more and more local people ask her for group photo, her refused at begining because worry the safety, later she accept it. 

it is super hard to get the supreme products now, no matter when you come to their shop always have people line up~```````, so the resell biz is become profitable.

for anyone who need supreme hats please contact me, i will help you at very low price. 

 contact me at

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